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Our team of experienced scientists, engineers and industry professionals will change the way you think about safe and cost effective energy storage.  

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Randy Moore, President / CEO / Board Member

Tom Shireman, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations

David Wilkins, Founder / Chief Strategy Officer / Board Member

Dr. Adam WeisensteinChief Technology Officer

Craig Wilkins, Executive VP / Founder / Board Member

Alan Campbell, Chief Financial Officer / Board Member

Dr. Eivind Listerud, VP of Engineering

Dr. Michael Gordon, Senior Principle Engineer

Richard Whiteley, VP of European Business Development

Allen Charkey, Consulting CTO and Technical Advisor to the Board

Kirk Plautz, Vice President Vice President of Sales and Marketing



ZAF Energy Systems (“ZAF”) was formed with the mission to develop revolutionary, high performance batteries that are safe, environmentally responsible, sustainable and economical. Today, ZAF is leveraging decades of research in zinc battery technology with the latest advances in material sciences and combining them with ZAF’s proprietary innovations.  The result are break-through battery technologies that include cells that are high in energy, high in power, low in cost and weight, and provide an unsurpassed level of safety.  ZAF Energy Systems (ZAF) was formed in 2011 to pursue advanced battery technologies including Rechargeable Zinc Air Battery and Rechargeable Nickel Zinc Battery technologies. Our team includes successful business executives, engineers, scientists, and technicians with extensive experience in batteries, engineering, and product development. In addition, the company has assembled a team of technical experts and a highly respected team of legal and accounting professionals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver proven energy storage solutions.  We will accomplish our mission through innovation in, and production of, safe, and sustainable battery technologies which deliver superior performance and value that results in widespread customer acceptance.  Through laser focus, dedication and execution, our team is committed to improving the sustainability of our planet and the lives of millions

Our Values

  • Safety – We are committed to the highest level of safety for our employees and the technologies we deliver to the market. 
  • Quality – Our products will work as we promise them to.  Many times lives depend on reliable power.  We build quality into our products as if our families’ lives depend on them.   
  • Integrity – The foundation for any successful organization is the honesty, dependability, and reliability of its management and employees.
  • Innovation – The core value of the company is to continue innovation that improves how our customers value our energy storage technologies.
  • Execution – Execution is not just a motto; it is demanded, measured, and rewarded. What we commit to, we deliver. 
  • Sustainability – The company innovates, develops, and promotes technologies to move us toward an environmentally sustainable future.  
  • Passion – We perform our jobs with high levels of enthusiasm and drive.

Aerojet Rocketdyne and ZAF Energy Team Up

Aerojet Rocketdyne and ZAF Energy Systems have established a new teaming agreement working together on an energy storage system utilizing ZAF’s nickel-zinc batteries and Aerojet Rocketdyne’s battery management system (BMS). “Our battery management systems provide...

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