Changing the Way We Power the World

Nickel Zinc is the next generation battery targeting the $50 billion energy storage market. 

Data Centers

Nickel Zinc is the clear winner providing unparalleled safety and performance at the lowest lifecycle cost


Electrochemical therapy is making a substantial change to peoples’ lives and is overtaking pharma for many ailments.  Nickel Zinc provides unmatched safety and performance for medical equipment and wearable devices. 


Light weight and safe Nickel Zinc batteries engineered to meet the needs of workboats, military fleets, sporting boats and pleasure craft.   


Nickel Zinc is the ideal battery to meet the increased electrification of the trucking industry supporting auxiliary power units (APU), liftgates and refrigeration.


Nickel Zinc, at three times the energy density of lead acid, can lighten mission loads and increase available energy.  This while being the safest battery for land, sea and air missions.

Introduction to ZAF

ZAF Energy’s Nickel Zinc battery emerges to challenge lead acid and lithium in the rapidly growing energy storage market

Randy A. Moore, President/CEO

A Brief Overview

Our Technology

ZAF Energy’s Nickel Zinc (NiZn) battery provides a unique combination of high performance, long life, and unparalleled safety to deliver the lowest cost energy storage solution in our targeted market segments.  NiZn enables the next generation of power systems in a world where increased electrification has outstripped the capabilities of lead acid at a lower cost to lithium.

Our Markets

ZAF NiZn batteries take direct aim at the largest and fastest growing industrial battery markets.  We have initially targeted the Group 31 battery segment which is the prominent battery format for data centers, trucking and marine markets.  ZAF is also engaged in funded development programs in the defense, aerospace and medical market sectors.

Meet Our Partners

Together with our exceptional partners, we deliver power systems that meet the diverse needs of our customers in a wide array of industries.   

ZAF News

ZAF Energy Spins off Æsir Technologies

Joplin, MO ZAF Energy Systems, Inc., announces the spinoff of Æsir Technologies, Inc., to provide advanced energy storage solutions to the specialty markets of aerospace, defense, medical, and critical infrastructure. Prior to Jan 01, 2021, Æsir had been a...

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