Zinc Air

A next generation metal air battery for consumer electronics, wearables and the internet of things (IOT).

Zinc Air Batteries

Non-rechargeable (Primary Batteries) zinc-air batteries are well known for their high energy density and are commonly found in high value, low mass applications such as hearing aids. However, the rechargeable version of the zinc-air battery has not achieved commercial success due to three technical hurdles. ZAF overcame these obstacles through the development of a bi-functional oxygen catalyst, a unique anode design, and an innovative electrolyte. Our intellectual property strategy consists of both patents and trade secrets that provide a net of protection for ZAF’s innovations within the marketplace. Recent ZAF innovations produced cells with specific energies measuring up to two times (2x) that of present lithium technology at 1/4th the cost of similar lithium ion battery designs. Our zinc-air rechargeable battery is safe and does not have FAA/DOT restrictions on the chemistry. The materials used in the design are inexpensive commodities that are widely available, and the design allows for adaption to standard battery manufacturing equipment and methods. The batteries are also recyclable and landfill compatible.

Zinc Air High Value Market Opportunities

Internet of Things 

  • ” ZAF’s zinc-air flexible pouch cell technology will provide an inexpensive, easily scalable, high capacity, and conformable battery design to address the many applications brought forth by the internet of things. Because of low weight and high power of ZAF’s zinc-air pouch cell becomes the ideal solution for several different applications. ZAF has engineered both primary and secondary designs that currently meet or exceed market available product.

Consumer Electronics and Wearable Devices: (Current market size $20B)

  • ZAF’s polymer technology will provide conformable battery design with twice the run time of present day lithium ion.  ZAF will provide long lasting rechargeable batteries for wearable devices, including Bluetooth®

Military, Aviation & Industrial: (Current market size $2B)

  • 2x the energy /kg at 25% of the cost is disruptive

ZAF is currently in discussions with leading consumer electronics companies for its Zinc Air technology.