Light weight and safe Nickel Zinc batteries engineered to meet the needs of workboats, military fleets, sporting boats and pleasure craft.   

Marine $2.2B

The marine market is currently a $2.2B market estimated to grow to $4.5B by 2022.  As EPA regulations kick in to protect our coastal regions, the marine industry is looking beyond exhaust scrubbers and opting for electric drives to reduce emissions and minimize the costs.  Marine batteries are also used in providing back up power to the safety equipment, global positioning, powering trolling motors, ups operations and various other electronic components and systems. With growing environmental regulations on air and water pollution regarding NOx, SOx, and CO2 emissions, the battery suppliers are focused on obtaining new technologies in order to reduce the emissions while increasing the efficiency of the marine batteries.  In addition, there is a cliff approaching in the production versus demand for low-sulfur fuels that is approaching in 2019.  It is estimated that the cost for this low-sulfur fuel (Marine Gasoil- MGO) will double as the refineries won’t be able to increase capacity in time before the regulations hit.     

By moving to electric drives, workboat operators can reduce the capital expense and ongoing maintenance costs of exhaust scrubbers to reduce emissions to near zero.  Existing modeling of hybrid solutions has shown a 15-25% overall savings that include fuel, maintenance and lowered emissions. Electric drives are in use in many ports and now our battery solution is available to make these systems work. 

ZAF offers solutions to these issues and delivers a technology to a market where safety is paramount.   

The Comparison

ZAF’s Nickel Zinc battery provides 2x the power, 2x the energy, and 2x the life of the typical lead acid battery.  So, this gives the workboat operator two options.  First, they could replace lead acid batteries 1:1 with NiZn and get twice the energy and workload completed from the same number of batteries.  The second option is to replace 2 lead acid batteries with 1 ZAF Nickel Zinc battery to reduce cost and weight.  In addition, ZAF’s Nickel Zinc technology is perfect for integrating solar or rapid charging from your generator.  Our fast charging capability allows you to recharge the battery in less than 1/3 the time of lead acid.  Lastly, the safety of the NiZn is a key factor as it relates to the technology in the reduction of permitting costs and the battery management systems that monitor the systems.