Nickel Zinc is the clear winner providing unparalleled safety and performance at the lowest lifecycle cost.

Powering Your Data

5G is expected to become the backbone for telecommunication in the coming years.

Most telecom operators are embarking on network upgrades and new build-outs in the next few years to accommodate the increasing traffic, to offer enhanced mobile broadband, to cater to the “Internet of Things”, and mission-critical applications. This trend, resulting in an increased infrastructure investment by Telecos and Tower companies, in turn is set to significantly boost demand for backup power systems essential to maintain nearly 100 percent uptime. 

Beginning in 2019, EE, Vodafone, O2 have rolled out 5G networks in the UK. Telecos will begin to deploy necessary 5G infrastructure including new telecom towers and BTS stations, which will ramp up the demand for back-up power equipment such as batteries.

 ZAF’s Nickel Zinc technology is an ideal solution for 5G providing a unique combination of longer life, greater capacity and unparalleled safety for critical infrastructure.  ZAF has undergone successful testing under the telecom standards and is currently engaged with several 5G providers.