Together with our exceptional partners, we deliver power systems that meet the diverse needs of our customers in a wide array of industries.   

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eNow Energy

ENow is an innovative, clean-technology company specializing in renewable energy systems. That means striking the perfect balance between sustainability, regulatory compliance and significant return on investment. eNow debuted in 2011 with a focus on the trucking industry. eNow’s proprietary, patent-pending solar systems economically convert, store and distribute electricity, powering applications such as lift gates, in-cab HVAC, refrigeration, telematics and hotel loads like appliances and lighting. eNow has installed more than 4,500 systems across the country. The use of eNow systems is still being explored in other industries, with inroads already present in boating, RVs and other fields.

Mesa Tec

Mesa Tec provides premier direct current power systems and stationary battery solutions for mission critical infrastructure, where reliability and safety are paramount. Offerings include stationary batteries, mobile backup power systems, charging systems and industrial rectifiers, and power room tools, racks, and accessories. Mesa Tec are the expert installers and consultants to the nation’s leading industrial manufacturers, electric and gas utilities, and telecommunications providers.


Voracity Co. is a disruptive technologies company specializing in subsystems (batteries, controllers, motors, communications) within projects areas such as GPT (electric vehicles), ALICE (artificial intelligence), Draco (CubeSat communications), and Vulcan (drones). Our core competencies bridges the technology gap between public and private sectors developing exciting defense and commercial applications for electric managed/autonomous vehicles.

Top Five Inc.

Top Five Incorporated is a Chattanooga-based private equity firm specializing in manufacturing and technical engineering services operations.  Top Five Incorporated partners have held executive level management positions with Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, apparel, steel foundry, transportation trailer and hydraulics industries.  Top Five Incorporated has an extensive background in growing, selling and acquiring businesses in our related industries. In the past 10 years we have bought, established, operated and sold over 10 companies.