NiZn Prismatic

New market requirements and regulations are driving demand beyond what lead acid can provide. With over 30 years of development, ZAF has found a sustainable solution.

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ZAF’s Nickel Zinc Prismatic batteries provide:


Superior performance

2x the capacity, 2x the power and 2x the life of AGM lead acid batteries

High-volume manufacturability

proprietary electrode design provides ease of manufacturing using existing battery equipment


While we are currently launching using a Group 31 format, our NiZn batteries will soon be available in multiple battery formats.  Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to work with large format cells

Unsurpassed safety and sustainability

environmentally friendly chemistry, safe in operation, non-flammable, non-explosive, fully recyclable

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

Why Choose NiZn Prismatic? 

NiZn Group 31 Batteries

ZAF’s NiZn Group 31 batteries come in a high-capacity deep cycle battery to meet the needs of our trucking, marine, telcom and industrial storage applications.  We also provide a high-power Group 31 battery to support data center, utility and industrial UPS systems.  For more information and technical specifications of our Group 31 battery solutions, please download the attached Specification Sheets.

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