Data Center

Data centers are the backbone of our economic, social, and entertainment infrastructure. Batteries are the most critical component in the reliability of any UPS. The battery is all too often ignored as a maintenance-free product, not requiring attention or inspection. This neglect, though common, can be costly and possibly disastrous. Data center owners are under constant pressure to reduce costs while facing mounting environmental pressures to reduce their use of lead based batteries. ZAF Energy Systems NiZn battery is the ideal replacement for lead acid batteries in data center applications. Whether operators are looking to save money or fulfill their sustainability objectives, NiZn batteries provide the best in class reliability, value, safety, and performance.


  • CapEx – 2x the energy allows you to replace 2 lead acid house batteries with 1 NiZn reducing initial investment.

  • OpEx – with half the batteries and 2x the lifecycle, ongoing maintenance costs including replacements and labor are dramatically reduced.

  • Safety – non-toxic, non-explosive and safe in operation.

  • Reduced Footprint – with one-half the batteries you can free up space for additional servers and reduce overhead costs associated with the battery room (HVAC, fire suppression, etc).

  • Additional Benefits – lead free, recyclable