Battery Technology Breakthrough Doubles Cell Phone Battery Life

June 23, 2014

Battery Technology Breakthrough Doubles Cell Phone Battery Life
and Reduces Cost by More than One-Third

ZAF’s bi-directional air electrode enables the next generation of metal-air batteries


Kalispell, MT – ZAF Energy Systems, Inc. has successfully completed another milestone in its development of the next generation rechargeable metal-air battery. ZAF and Brooks Kushman P.C. announced today the issuance of US patent number 8728671. According to ZAF, this patent describes an efficient, bi-directional air electrode system based on ZAF’s proprietary catalyst that will be critical to cheaper, safer, and longer-lasting batteries for cell phones and other personal electronics.

This low-cost air electrode can be produced in a variety of thicknesses and offers strength, flexibility, and high conductivity. Consequently, this air electrode has unique application in batteries for long-range electric vehicles as well as allowing metal-air batteries to be thin and conformable for use in wearable devices.

ZAF’s proprietary catalyst has a high-surface area, which greatly enhances the electrochemical activity of the material. The modified structure demonstrates a high inherent conductivity, reducing the need for conductive additives, further improving weight and efficiency. The air electrode has demonstrated long cycle life and is stable in all alkaline and organic systems.

This newly issued patent is a cornerstone of ZAF’s IP portfolio, which couples the bi-directional air electrode with a high-energy, gas impermeable metal anode (described in ZAF’s US patent number 8535851) and a proprietary electrolyte to produce a high energy rechargeable battery.

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About ZAF Energy Systems, Inc.

Incorporated in 2011 and located in Northwestern Montana, ZAF Energy Systems develops and commercializes next-generation battery technologies. ZAF employs the most talented and accomplished battery experts leading the company on a credible path to commercialization. ZAF’s team also includes industry-leading consultants and advisors who have extensive industrial, National Laboratory, and university battery experience from the fields of communications, renewable energy, electric vehicles and the military.


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