The trucking industry is going through rapid changes with regulations pushing reduced emissions and public safety. Anti-Idle regulations have forced truckers to use battery power in lieu of running diesel generators during rest stops while telematics and other advanced communications have driven up demands for energy. A truck now has 12-volt alternators putting out 455 amps where in the early ’90s, a typical alternator would be 135 amps. This additional power demand can be met with ZAF’s NiZn technology and provide room for additional growth. ZAF’s NiZn value proposition:

Wilma relief

  • CapEx – 2x the energy allows you to replace 8 lead acid house batteries with 4 NiZn reducing initial investment.
  • OpEx – with half the batteries and 2x the lifecycle, ongoing maintenance costs including replacements and labor are dramatically reduced in addition less alternator failures.
  • Safety – non-toxic, non-explosive
  • Reduced Weight – with 4 fewer batteries and reduced battery framework, there is a weight savings of over 400 pounds.
  • Additional Benefits – reduced footprint, recyclable