Electric drives in commercial watercraft are nothing new, but EPA regulations around Emission Control Areas (ECA – see map) are forcing the marine industry to rapidly adopt electric drives which will drive battery demand. The market for marine batteries is expected to grow from $2.2B per year to $4.5B per year by 2022. NiZn benefits:

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 3.14.32 PM

  • CapEx – 2x the energy allows you to replace 2 lead acid house batteries with 1 NiZn reducing initial investment.
  • OpEx – with half the batteries and 2x the lifecycle, ongoing maintenance costs including replacements and labor dramatically reduced in addition less alternator failures.
  • Safety – non-toxic, non-explosive and safe under water immersion tests.
  • Reduced Weight – with one-half the batteries you can free up payload and/or improve performance
  • Additional Benefits – reduced footprint, recyclable