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Battery Revolt: Local company creating new style of energy for consumer applications

A New generation of low-cost, lightweight and safe batteries for energy storage, cell-phones and possibly vehicles is taking shape in the Flathead Valley. The scientists at ZAF Energy Systems, located on U.S. 2 south of Columbia Falls, are taking a sustainable, widely available material — zinc — and creating air-breathing battery cells that require only [...]

Will Li-Ion Battery Tech be Sufficient for EVs to be Competitve or is a Chemical Breakthrough Needed?

By Eric Loveday · April 08, 2013 Some arguments against electric vehicles are difficult to counter, while others are not. Battery cost is one of those arguments often presented that can’t be dismissed with ease. Most studies continually suggest that battery prices will fall rapidly in the coming years, but the reality today is that the lithium-ion battery pack [...]